Is it beta software?

Yes and no. It has not been officialy 'beta tested' (and will probably never be), but has been used by quite a few people, including me, without any problem or data loss for quite some time. To be more specific, we've had over 5000 downloads during the more than five years since the first release and nobody has ever reported to have lost any data. If I called it v1.0 you probably wouldn't ask this, though the software would be the same ;).

Why do I need this?

Remembering a lot of passwords is not easy. Remebering good passwords is not easy. Remebering a lot of good passwords can be really hard. This tool helps you with exactly this problem: you enter all your passwords in the application, and it stores it on your mobile phone. Your password database is protected with a master password - the only one that you have to remember from now on.

Is it secure?

The password database is encrypted with TwoFish, a strong ecryption algorithm. The encryption algorithm needs a key to encrypt and decrypt the data. This 192 bit key is generated from the master password (using PKCS#12/SHA1). If someone wants to decrypt the database, she has to have the key. The key can be generated from the password, so she has to know or guess the passqword. So the answer is if you choose a good password, then is resonabely safe.

What devices are supported?

All MIDP1.0 /2.0 devices should run the application without any problems. I used to ask my users to report devices that run jFreeSafe but it seems to be quite pointless as most phones work correctly. However if you have any problem then you are welcome Just for the record here is the old list of compatible I collected:

  • Motorola A920/A925
  • Nokia 3650
  • Nokia 6230
  • Nokia 7610
  • Nokia 7650
  • Nokia 9210 Communicator
  • Nokia 9500 Communicator
  • Sharp Gx10i
  • SonyEricsson T610
  • SonyEricsson P800
  • SonyEricsson P900

Devices that don't run jFreeSafe (at the moment):

  • Sanyo SCP-8100 (due to some problem with some settings in the JAD/MAIFEST.MF files) but I don't have that phone, so I can't really find what the problem is. If you have such a phone and some routine with MIDlets, please try to fix it.
  • SGH-X100 (possibly a problem with the JAD/MANIFEST files)
  • Nokia 6310i (it only supports midlets up to 30k in size)
  • Can I keep my data when upgrading to a newer verson?

    Most modern devices will allow you to keep your data when you install a new version of the same application. Some will ask you, and if they do then by all means answer yes, some will just default to keeping.

    Can I copy my data to my new phone?

    Yes, since version 0.9.0 you can. To do so you have to do a backup on your old phone. The backup will only work if your phone allows applications to access the file system (i.e. it has JSR75 FileConnection support). Most reasonably modern phones will have this. After having made the backup you have to copy the backup file to your new phone and select Tools/Restore from File after starting FreeSafe there.

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