0.9.0 is out with quite some new functionalities. Have a look at the news section for a detailed list.

Before upgrading or starting to use FreeSafe please see the F.A.Q..

FreeSafe is a J2ME/MIDP-1.0 password manager application with OTP (One Time Password) support. It stores your passwords or other sensitive data in an encrypted database. It is able to handle OTP type entries: it stores and automatically decrements the sequence number and the seed.

uses the BouncyCastle crypto library. Your password data is protected using the TwoFish encryption algorithm. The encryption key is generated from the master password using PKCS#12 and SHA1, so it's not stored anywhere on the device. This means that even if you loose your mobile or someone gets your password database file somehow, you can be still fairly sure that your passwords remain a secret. Well, as long, as you choose a strong password which is hard or impossible to guess.

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Last updated on Tue Mar 03 03:03:00 CET 2009